Burn em down

The other day we were all driving down the highway heading to some fucking place I don’t even remember right now. There were 4 people in the car, me, dave pounder, dommy b and this guy I don’t feel like saying his name cause his too concern about his girlfriend to finding out that he is hanging out with us (porn ppl). Anyway at some point we decided to take a short cut and hit some country road. A few minutes driving to hell knows where we saw this girl on the side Naomi who was trying to burn some piece of paper which eventfully could cause some wild fires. Later turned out that the reason why she was doing that was that her boyfriend kicked her out last night from his place and she decided to burn his house… I don’t know what her brain is really made of but it must be definitely some solid material.

There were no houses a few miles around. Anyway me, dave, dommy took this dummy over to our place for some stress relied therapy. She told me that I should film her getting fucked by Pounder so she can send this tape to her boyfriend. Good idea. Dave took a good care of this girl and fucked the shit out of her nice pussy. The blow job was off the chain so as the whole thing… Just check out the whole episode. Peace!!!

This scene is from the movie Bad Girls Get Fucked #2.