Charity is one hot bitch who I met last night at the bar. She was one of those girls that could drink and that is exactly what she was doing. Charity probably spent a couple hundred dollars that night or it seemed like she did. She also bought me a few drinks. Imagine that. Charity is one of those girls after you meet her you can never get her out of your head. After a few minutes of all the cheesiest pick up lines i could think of i grew some balls and invited her to come over to my place the next day, and she agreed. Once she came over there wasn’t a lot of talking as soon as she walked in we were all over each other. I fucked her filthy dirty mouth really hard. Then she bent over and her wet pink pussy took my cock really deep. The sex was awesome, the cum shot was classical so go ahead and enjoy and watch how lucky of a man i am …….

Charity has also been known as Scarlett Jolie, Charity Lane, Margarita and Victoria W.

This scene is from the movie POV Fixation 1.