Cheyanne Sweet and Diamond thresome

My Neighbor's Sex Tape

I think all guys have those days where you just don’t wanna do anything but relax with your girl and not run around like a chicken with your head cut-off. Well, today all I wanted to do was that, so my girly Cheyanne and I were chilling and then out of nowhere she tells me to grab the camera. I grab the camera and hit the little red record button and she starts to tell me about how she met some really hot black chick the night before. Cheyanne then goes on telling me how much she likes watching me get my cock sucked by other girls and she especially enjoys watching me fuck them. Well, today was my lucky day cause that black girl she met the night before was at the grocery store right across the street. Cheyanne and I ran and grabbed her and brought her back to the house. This sexy black girl had a name and it was Diamond.

As soon as Diamond got in the room Cheyanne and Diamond were all over each other. Cheyanne really liked Diamond’s big tits and Diamond really liked Cheyanne ass. After they licked each other pussies for a while they turned their attention to me. Both girls took my dick all the way down their throats and I must admit Diamond can suck a dick. After the blowjob came the sex and I was excited but I had no idea the surprise I had in line for me, Diamond was really rough and a big dirty talker she was saying things that drove me wild. I must admit I love my girlfriend even more, just because she brought me this hot ass black chick.

This scene is from the movie My Neighbors Sex Tapes 1.