Cheyanne Sweet, Christine Alexis

My Neighbors Sex Tapes

Sometimes it is great being me, ha it’s great being me all the time. Today my girlfriend, Cheyanne had a surprise for me. I instantly knew it was another girl cause that is what she does for me. Cheyanne was teasing me about the surprise she had coming over for me when there was a knock at the door. Cheyanne went to go see who it was and sure enough, it was my surprise. A hot young blonde that goes by the name of Christine, I asked them both where they met and their reply was, “Around” so I kinda had the feeling like this wasn’t the first time they were doing this. After a lil chitchat, it was time to go to work, they both sucked on my cock feeding it back and forth to each other. Then out of nowhere, I had a craving for some pussy so I fucked the shit out of both of them and blew my load all over them both. I love my GF!

Cheyenne Sweet has also been known as Cheyanne and Crissy. 

This scene is from the movie My Neighbors Sex Tapes 1.