Get Over It … Blondes are better

Once again we begin the day with Dommy, J-mac and Emily. It was just one of those days were no one wanted to work. J-Mac came to work with out taking a shower so we had to drop him off at the house so he can get washed up. So, it was basically up to Dommy and Emily to find a girl, so they took a picture of J-mac on a camera phone so they can show they lucky girl they find a picture of J-Mac. Dommy and Emily hit the streets and start driving around looking for just the right bad girl. In usually Emily and Dommy fashion they go into random conversations about Dommy being fat and sexy and Emily being a sexy whore.

Out of the corner of Dommy’s eye he sees a girl hitch hiking on the corner. They pull up and the girl instantly starts freaking out about her mom kicking her out and we offer her a ride. Dommy was kinda scared of her, she was a lil ghetto she was using words like “trick, tripping, and hoe”. They found out that she even had a ghetto name “L”. After explaining what we do, we offered her a lil money to come back to the house and meet J-Mac. Emily let J-Mac directors right to this one and of course he wants her to instantly “suck dick”. Emily had to take control of L back and she got her naked and they learned that L had a great ass. Then it was time for the cock sucking she hit the floor and opened her mouth wide and take J-Mac cock and balls in her mouth like a champion. Once the cock sucking was complete it was on to the gut busting which J-Mac is a champion. Here at Cezar Capone I don’t think we ever seen a girl get her guts crushed in as much as L.  L gets a 5 out of 5 on the bad girl scale.

This scene is from the movie Bad Girls Get Fucked.