Customer Service

Are you on Twitter?

Of course!!  Who isn’t?  You can follow Cezar Capone on Twitter at @CezarCaponeXXX.


What is “Reality Porn”?

Reality porn is a term that describes a genre of movies that deals with themes that are less fantasy and more real.  In other words every day situations that any person might find themselves in.  Reality porn doesn’t deal in ideal fantasies or detailed story lines that you might find in bigger budget feature films.  Reality porn “movie” is typically a collection of individual videos, of a remotely common theme.  For example, you may have 5 videos that are each very different and unrelated to each other but share a common theme as in each girl in the movie is 18 or all the girls are blond. 

Where do you film your movies and how do you find your girls?

Most of our movies are filmed in Florida and we get the girls that star in the movie in a variety of ways.  Sometimes they are friends of friends.  Sometimes they are girls that contacted us directly … maybe they seen us on the internet or something – and sometimes we just find random chicks in random places.  If you ask 100 girls if they want to get naked for you, 99 might say no but that 1 hot chick that does say yes is the one we can’t wait to film for you.  As long as the chick is over 18 and looks decent, we’ll typically give her a shot.

Is Morgan Dayne still under contract with you?

Morgan Dayne was indeed one of the greats and we had her first!  In fact, she was the first ever Cezar Capone contract girls.  She would eventually go on to make some amazing movies for us, but as we all know, all good things must come to an end and so did Morgan Dayne’s career as a porn star.  She is now married, with child and living the good life in suburbia somewhere – or so I’m told.  Lucky for us before she retired we got a lot of great footage of her to share with all of you.