Katalina Samora

I am sure every man in America has had that one girl that they cant figure out for the life of them how they got that one particular girl. Well, Katalina was one of those girls for me, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how I got her. I went to the bar the other day and saw her making cocktails. She was fucking hot let me tell you. I tipped her really well and asked her if she wants to make more $$$. She was like hell yeah and I was like: then come over to my place tomorrow. The next day Katalina had come over and was dying for one thing and it wasn’t a drink, it was cock. She blew me like I was Bill Clinton and her name was Monica, I almost blew my load in her mouth early. I kept it together long enough to fuck her every which way till I came all over face and titties. Katalina was one of those girls that i will never forget even when I am 60 years old…. I will definitely be telling my grandson about this one.

This scene is from the movie POV Fixation 1.