Layna and Ellie first time

It was a gorgeous day outside so Me and the GF (Layna Laurel) decided to hit the park and ATTEMPT to fly a kite. Yeah, didn’t really go to plan, we both gave it a try and failed miserably. We were about to pack up and head home until we saw this very sexy girl (Ellie Foxx) walking her dog. Seeing that we were failing with the kite and the simple fact that she was hot and I wanted to talk to her, I decided to talk to her and ask her if she could help us fly the kite. No help on the kite but after only a couple minutes of talking to her, we had her in the car with us and heading back with us. Once we got back to the house Layna went to the kitchen to grab some drinks and some food. The next thing you know Ellie is sucking my dick while Layna is in the other room, well when Layna came back in the room and saw that we started with out her she wasn’t that happy, but she couldn’t leave the room so she jumped in. I could tell Layna knew that I really enjoyed fucking Ellie but I couldn’t help it, her pussy was so tight. It was so tight I busted inside of her, I had no time to pull out. Layna wasn’t a fan of Ellie but I WAS!

Layna Laurel has also been known as Layana, Juelz Ventura and Shayne St. Lucia

  This scene is from the movie My Neighbors Sex Tapes 3.