Layna and Mimi

Today Me and Layna had a bunch of errands we had to run, the normal bf/gf stuff run to the bank, dry cleaners, and grab lunch. We were in a generous mood so we called our neighbor to see if she wanted anything to eat while we were out, and of course she said yes so we had a bunch of these sandwiches. As we were walking back to the truck we saw this Gorgeous girl that seem to be a little confused. As we walked up she asked us for a quarter she was trying to purchase a newspaper. After talking to her for a lil we asked her to come back to our house and eat something, she agreed to and then we were back to the house. Once we got back we sat on our back porch to eat our sandwiches. After talking to Mimi for a lil we could tell she was young and down for anything. After a few hits from the pipe we had her inside sucking my dick with Layna. Layna and I had a lot of fun with this girl she was very giggly and happy. After fucking them both, I blew my massive load all over them. I wish we could find a girl like that every time we went out to get lunch…

Layna Laurel has also been known as Layana, Juelz Ventura and Shayne St. Lucia

 This scene is from the movie My Neighbors Sex Tapes 3.